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The BEST wax melts! Cannot recommend enough!


The best wax melts you can ever find. Excellent customer service and fantastic quality.


My number 1 go to wax supplier!🤩


The nicest wax melts I've ever used. My collection is huge and I love every scent. They're long lasting and you can tell from the packaging that they have had care put into them ❤️


The best wax melts I have found. They smell amazing and leave my house smelling lovely. I would highly recommend.


I absolutely love the wax melts from Lakes Wax & Co they smell so amazing and last a long time, would highly recommend them to anyone and the service you receive is second to none. Keep up the good work you do an amazing job! xx


Lakes Wax & Co are my all time favourite wax melts. Won't buy from anyone else.


Lakes Wax & Co wax melts smell amazing. There are always lovely new scents to try and the service is great. Really can't recommend them enough xx